Foreign Work Pass at Department of Immigration and National Registration:

  • Employment visa/pass application and employment pass endorsement application
  • Dependent visa/pass application and dependent pass endorsement application
  • Re-entry visa for employment/dependent pass holder
  • Application for cancellation of employment/dependent visa/pass
  • Application for extension of employment/dependent pass Student visa/pass

Foreign Worker Recruitment at Department of Labour:

  • New/Additional/Renewal of Foreign Worker Licenses
  • Transfer of Contract for Foreign Worker
  • Cancellation of Foreign Worker Licenses
  • New/Additional/Renewal of Domestic Helper Licenses
  • Transfer of Contract for Domestic Helper
  • Cancellation of Domestic Helper Licenses
  • Foreign Workes’s JITPA

Others Services:

  • Schedule an appointment at Foreign Worker Health Screening Centre
  • Buying of Insurance Workmen’s Compensation and Guarantee/Takaful Contribution for Foreigner Workers (JITPA)